Civil Consultants, Inc. provides professional land planning and civil engineering services to clients who are involved in real estate development activities anywhere in North Carolina. We help create places where people live, work, learn, worship, shop, and play. Our clients include professional designers and developers, as well as businesses, churches, schools, organizations, and others who need expert assistance related to land usage or land development. We are proudly celebrating our 24th year of providing high-quality client service to our clients. We believe that land development projects are always a means to accomplish some larger objective. That’s why we start every client relationship with listening. By understanding your larger purpose and project goals, your values and your preferences, we can better channel our creative energies, provide technical and regulatory guidance, and protect your project interests. Our work is focused on creating value … economic, functional, and social value. In small and large ways, we create real value for and through the projects that we touch, improving project outcomes for our clients, and enhancing our neighborhoods and institutions. We believe that every project deserves great communication. Whether providing technical advice, coordinating with other project team members, advocating for your project, or simply giving you a status update, we do it with clear and effective communication. Because we understand the critical importance of good teamwork, we work very hard at being an effective team player. We can also recommend other great consultants for your project as needed.
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