At Sanderson Stewart, we have a vision of being ridiculously good at what we do, without taking ourselves too seriously. We call this vision Ridiculocityand CSTP are the key. Not everyone gets to be a Sanderson Stewart employee, because not everyone has that something special that makes them a CSTP. We are looking for those special few who have the spirit, drive and ability to help us plan and design the future; we are looking for more Cool, Smart, Talented People. Our employees have the unique character and vision that make Sanderson Stewart projects ridiculously good. And award-winning. We understand that every team member brings not only expertise, but a unique perspective to the team and we appreciate and encourage every contribution, quirk, and insight. Join one of The Best Firms to Work For and make a difference in the lives of your neighbors; leave a mark that will last well beyond your lifetime. Join our team and help to plan and design communities that will endure for generations to come. We are always on the look out for Cool, Smart, Talented People who are ridiculously committed to bettering our communities and their careers! You work hard. Make it count!
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