Are we helping someone thrive today?

On every project and with each decision we ask ourselves this repeatedly. Continually returning to this question, we challenge each other to be better and design spaces that are more than just spaces. We design places where success happens and people thrive, both today and tomorrow.

This mindset isn’t limited to our projects. We strive to apply it to everything we do. From daily interactions with our clients to community service and outreach.

Whether its designing new spaces or sorting donated items at a charity store, we are committed to helping others thrive.

Our Values

Be True. TreanorHL was founded on the principle that in order to gain the trust of others, we must put others first. We create spaces that make life better for others, we lend a hand to help others succeed, we protect the planet for others who will come after us. Being true to each other allows us to be our best selves and embrace our differences. Being open and honest, respecting what we’ve been given and what is not ours to give, and honoring the point of view on the other side of the table — if we are true to one another every day, we know good things will happen.

Listen, Learn, Lead. These are the 3 L’s of our firm. Our success stems from listening to each other, learning about the human condition and leading with the strength of our expertise and the trust we have built in our relationships. At the solving of every problem, we begin with the 3 L’s. Works every time.

Explore the Extraordinary. Some problems are easily solved with a tried and true solution that has worked before. And sometimes, that’s ok. But for most of our challenges, we are not afraid to imagine it better, turn problems inside out or look at them upside down to see if something amazing presents itself. Be inquisitive, be curious. The smallest of questions (Is there a better way to do this?) can give rise to the biggest moments of inspiration if we remember to ask. We only grow by exploring.

Be Humble, Laugh Together. Charlie Chaplin once said a day without laughter is a day wasted. Laughter is contagious, uplifting, and builds relationships because it’s meant to be shared. While we do serious work that makes a difference in the world, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Laughter keeps us humble and happy. We seek opportunities to come together in the name of fun because we know that the family that celebrates and laughs together will also grow and succeed together.
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