Format parameter is missing - 'format='. Format must be 'xml' or 'rss'.

Instructions for requesting job data:

POST to this page to return job information in either XML or RSS formats. The following are the querystring parameters supported by this page:

'?abbr=' (REQUIRED): Your client abbreviation. Only jobs for this client are included
unless the '&allgroup=' parameter is also included (see below).

'&format=' (REQUIRED): 'xml' or 'rss'.

'&recip=' (OPTIONAL): only needed if supplying export to recipients who have non-standard
formatting requirements. Valid values at this time are:
  'google' (valid only with XML format)

'&encodeamp=' (OPTIONAL): indicates whether or not ampersand characters are to be encoded as "&". This applies to format=XML only and impacts all fields in the results. If this parameter is 'y', or is missing altogether, then encoding takes place. A value of 'n' results in no encoding of the "&" character.

'&count=' (OPTIONAL): The number of records to return which meet the selection criteria, must be followed by a valid
  numeric value. If not supplied, all records meeting the selection criteria are returned.

'&zipcode=, &zipradius=' (OPTIONAL): The zip code and radius from the zip code to be used as a filter of jobs
  being returned. If specified, only jobs within the radius from the zip code are returned.

'&fromrec=, &torec=' (OPTIONAL): Two parameters specifying the range of records to return,
  in whatever order they are requested.

'&featuredonly=' (OPTIONAL): If value if 'y', returns only featured jobs meeting all other criteria,
  otherwise ignores featured status of jobs.

'&[searchfieldname]=' (OPTIONAL - only valid with '&format=xml'): Any of the job board's search fields followed by
  the value(s) for that search field. Search field names, and values, must have all spaces removed and be in
  lower case. Multiple values for any search field are allowed and must be separated by the '~' character.
  Example: Given search field 'Job category', and desired values of 'Accounting' and 'Information Technology',
  the parameter would be '&jobcategory=accounting~informationtechnology'. Multiple search field selections may
  be used in the same query string.

In the following example, the top 10 jobs for client MYBOARD which are in the Accounting or
  Customer Service 'Job category', and 'Location' values of either California or Arizona, are returned in xml format:

  NOTE: notice how spaces in both the search field name AND the search values ('job category', 'customer service') are removed.

If no jobs are found which meet your selection criteria no data is returned.